Family Meeting

Unit 8 DB: Family Meeting Unit 8 DB: Family Meeting We often hear teachers and staff complaining that parents — or some category of parents (e.g., low-income parents or parents of children with special needs) — just do not care about their children’s education.  We, as educators, must not make that assumption and must understand there are sometimes barriers preventing these parents from being actively involved in their child’s education. As an early childhood educator, one of your jobs is to help families feel comfortable and familiarize each parent with the school and classroom expectations as well as you being familiar with your new student’s family background, strengths and challenges.  Based on the scenario below, you will prepare for a meeting to help Paul’s grandparent feel welcome and understand how the school and family can work together to help Paul succeed and be a fully valued member of the class.  After reading the scenario, include the following information in your initial discussion board post. 

  • List at least two (2) additional questions you would like to ask Paul’s grandparent regarding his development.
  • Describe how you will reassure the grandparent that Paul will be successful and a fully valued member of the class.
  • Describe at least two (2) ways the grandmother can be an active participant in Paul’s education.


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 Family Meeting
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A concerned grandmother recently gained legal custody of her grandson, Paul.  She is enrolling him in Kindergarten.  This is his first school experience.  The grandmother shared the following information regarding Paul: 

  • Paul’s parents are in a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, and he moved in with her 2 months ago.
  • Paul is very confused about why he is with her and not his parents.
  • Paul appears to be comforted by the new structured home environment but stressed at the same time with this new lifestyle.
  • Paul is very anxious, has nightmares, and does not sleep well at night.
  • Paul is a beautiful child of mixed cultural backgrounds who happens to have an exceptionally large birthmark that covers almost half of his face.  The grandmother is concerned with the other children making remarks about his birthmark and possibly not accepting him as a peer.
  • Paul gets along well with people.
  • Paul was recently diagnosed as having ADHD and is easily distracted and constantly in motion.
  • Paul sometimes seems to be in his own little world.
  • She also is concerned with his ability to learn in a large class.

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