Fad Diets

Please use the following sources for paper and I have attached my rubric:1.) Daniels J. (2004). Health matters: promoting health and wellness. Fad diets: slim on good nutrition. Nursing, 34(12), 22–23.2.) Fad diets: what do dietitians say about the latest crop?. (2015). Nursing Review (1173- 8014), 15(3), 9-12.3. )Koch, R. (2010). Food Fads. Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle, 39(5), 20–24.4.)Whyte J, Marting RN, & Pennachio D. (2005). How to guide patients away from fad diets and toward healthy eating. Patient Care, 39(5), 16–22.5.)Woolfe, K. (2016). Separate fact, fat and fad. Nursing Review (1326-0472), (6), 20–21.

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Fad Diets
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