Explain how the Family contributes or deters Juvenile Delinquency.

  1. Explain how the Family contributes or deters Juvenile Delinquency. Provide examples and explanation.

You will fully discuss and evaluate the question assigned to you, and you will explain the main points, key concepts, and included assumptions/conclusions based on cited references. 100 points.

Paper is a minimum of 3 pages (content). The page  DOES NOT include the Title Page, Abstract, or Reference Page.   20 points (20 point deduction for each page under minimum page length requirement or required pages not included)

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Explain how the Family contributes or deters Juvenile Delinquency.
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Justify or support thoughts and responses by using appropriate cited references. A preferred source for obtaining your references is the SPC Online Library resource databases that include professional journals, trade magazines, newspaper articles, textbooks, and other academic references, interviews. The paper is required to include at least five APA cited references. 20 points

Use APA 7th edition format consistently and accurately.  Use and apply proper in-text citations when paraphrasing or quoting a source and proper listing of references. The paper must meet spelling and proper English grammar requirements and meet required length. The paper MUST be structurally correct. No Run-On, Incomplete Sentences. 20 points.

Cite and reference at least five topic related references using APA (7th edition) format for the citations. 20 Points  

The paper must be submitted on time and in the correct assignment drop box as a single complete, properly formatted submission. 20 points

Total Points: 200 points

Follow APA (7th edition) format

(An APA Tutorial has been included in the Course Resources. Additional tutorial information with examples can be found in Library Resources at the St. Petersburg College/M.M. Bennett Library Resources cite.) The APA format required for this assignment is explained in the Supplemental Textbook; College of Public Safety Handbook. Copies of this book are located at SPC Campus Libraries on Reserve. You can also reference Purdue Owl online for information about APA Term Papers.

If you have questions, concerns or issues, please do not wait until the assignment is due to have your issues addressed. Ask your questions early. Get ahead of the curve.

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