exam essay

Outline the relationship between political (specifically, Cabinet and First Minister) and administrative (specifically, bureaucratic) actors in Canada’s Westminster system. 

In your answer, be sure to outline: 

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the general role of each actor;

the role of each actor in decision-making; and,

the accountability of each actor.

Then, identify one potential weakness or challenge to the relationship between political and administrative actors in Canada’s Westminster system. Finally, develop an argument how you would address that challenge/weakness that you identified.

Students must answer this question in a proper essay format based on the required readings and commentary. The question will be sufficiently broad to allow students to concentrate on the topics that they want to explore.

Essays must have a clear, concise and forceful thesis statement along with a proper introduction and conclusion. You will be developing your own thesis statement that takes a clear side on this question and embedding it in your end of first paragraph. You should have at least three subtopics with evidence and arguments to support your thesis statement. The body paragraphs will then provide support for your thesis statement. .

The essay is meant to be an argumentative exercise, not a descriptive exercise, so be sure to develop a logical and coherent argument. The essay questions will be broad and not narrowly focused, to allow you to develop an argument.

You must cite them using a citation system of your choice such as Chicago.

**10-12 paragraphs should be sufficient (remember, a paragraph cannot consist of just one sentence). 

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