Evidence Based Practice in Community Corrections.

Need help with my writing homework on Evidence Based Practice in Community Corrections. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Several strategies such as cost-benefit analysis, specific clinical trials amongst others have reliably produced sustainable reductions in offender recidivism (Klingele, 2013). This paper highlights factors to consider when determining the best program in community corrections

The knowledge of the evidence-based practice (EBP) is insufficient to enhance or even sustain a new way of running correction facilities. Therefore, agencies and systems should establish ways to adjust their organizational culture. Collaborations between the National Institute of corrections, Crime and Justice Institute and other partners developed an Integrated Model to facilitate effective implementation of evidence-based practices in correction facilities. The model incorporates three components namely a) evidence-based practice b) organizational development and c) collaboration between other components (Guevara & Solomon, 2009).

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Evidence Based Practice in Community Corrections.
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Various principles have been developed to determine the best program which should be applied in community corrections. However, aligning these principles with programs of correctional facilities face challenges hence requires careful planning. Most of the interventions do interlock and have a direct impact on recidivism. One of the factors that should be considered in establishing effective EBP is the actuarial risk assessment. The EBP should comprise a screening system with sufficiently and accurately written procedures, and focuses on dynamic and static risk factors and profile criminogenic needs. Staff should be well trained to administer the system in order to assess the offenders for effective management (Marie, 2008).

In addition, correction officers and program staff should be equipped with motivational interviewing techniques. This will not only ensure that offenders and staff relate interpersonally, but also in a sensitive constructive manner, thereby enhancing intrinsic motivation.

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