eviction protest

USA SOURCES ONLY PLEASE Please respond to the following:•Review this video, which reports the growing number of evictions as rents rise and property values increase. After 50 years at the same address, a 98 year old woman faces eviction. Although laws are different in each state, renters are having a harder time fighting evictions. ◦Woman, 98, Evicted From San Francisco Apartment After 50 Yearsplay•Suppose you are the judge, and a case is presented before you where a tenant is facing eviction. The landlord has been in constant contact with the tenant and is able to supply the texts and notes to the tenant. However, the tenant agrees that the landlord did contact him, but the tenant claims there was not sufficient notice. The landlord is able to show months of texts and notes begging for the rent from the tenant. What are the legal considerations you would evaluate to determine the claims of the tenant and the landlord? In whose favor would you rule, and why? Be sure to support your legal analysis.https://www.inquisitr.com/1345160/98-year-old-woman-evicted-from-home-of-50-years-but-wont-go-without-a-fight/

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eviction protest
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