Every human on the planet over the age of 2 years old has likely had to deal with conflict at some point

Every human on the planet over the age of 2 years old has likely had to deal with conflict at some point. Managing conflict is often something that most of us avoid in order to mitigate emotional pain however, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution is a skill that can be learned.This week’s reference is an article titled “12 Workplace Conflict Resolution Techniques For PMs” by Jayna Fey. Link:https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/12-conflict-resolution-techniques-workplace (Links to an external site.)Unhealthy conflict resolution techniques, toxic culture, and managers unpracticed in empathy cause many people to avoid conflict like the plague. (Fey, 2019)After reading the article, post your thoughts covering one or some of the following areas. 

  • Let us know about a time that you were part of a conflict resolution action that was positively handled?
    • Was the outcome a Collaborating (Win-Win) or an Accommodating (Lose-Win) situation? (Indeed, 2020)
  • Do you feel that it is easy to follow the advice suggested in, “Focus On Behavior, Not Personality”?
    • Human behavior and Personality or so intertwined, do you have a strategy that works for you without treating someone like a child?
  • Let’s look at #8, “Find An Opportunity To Admit You Were Wrong, Or What You Could Have Done Better?”
    • Do you find it easy to look into the mirror and see that you might be the one who could be wrong? Be honest, we are all friends!
    • What if you were “less Wrong” than the other party? Would you be comfortable admitting you were wrong first, so that the conversion could at least get started?


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Every human on the planet over the age of 2 years old has likely had to deal with conflict at some point
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Fey, J. (2019, Mar 04). 12 Workplace Conflict Resolution Techniques For PMs. Retrieved from DPM: https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/12-conflict-resolution-techniques-workplace

Indeed. (2020, December 10). Conflict Management: Styles, Skills and Examples. Retrieved from Indeed: Career Development: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/conflict-management

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