evaluate the key aspects of its competitive environment

You will identify a company with global business (yes, any global firm), and evaluate the key aspects of its competitive environment and international strategy. I have provided four questions below to help you organize the analysis. The final deliverable is a three-page report (Word format, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margin on all sides) Proper references to information sources are required and must be presented on a separate page (in any common reference format such as APA). Please note that you MUST draw on multiple sources of information, such as newspaper, website and journal articles etc., in order to ensure a deep and comprehensive understanding of the company with respect to the questions listed below.

Follow these four questions when writing up the three-page report (please keep balanced across the four sections):

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evaluate the key aspects of its competitive environment
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  1. Business and competition: What main businesses is the company running? Who are its main competitors? How well the focal company is doing relative to these main competitors?
  2. Internationalization process: How well has the company been internationalizing? How has the firm come to this stage in terms of steps (strategies, regions, entry modes, etc.) along the process of globalization? Any significant issues/concerns or challenges do you see facing the company? 
  3. Advantages and motivations: What do you see as the major ownership advantage the firm has to enable its internationalization? What kind of location advantages does the firm seek in foreign markets? What do you think are the fundamental motivations for the company’s globalization? Applying the theories from the textbook, do you think those motivations are well-grounded? 
  4. Evaluation of its entry mode and its future expansion. Applying the theories from the textbook, do you think that the firm has made the right decision in its entry mode when entering the foreign country? What do you see as top advantages and disadvantages for the company to further expand in the world? 

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