Evaluate and Improve NYPD’s Neighborhood Policing Program (NCO)

How can the Internal Affairs Bureau work in collaboration with Patrol Services Bureau to help evaluate and improve their neighborhood policing program(NCO), better the community-police relation and improve quality of life through percesion policing(Particularly, in minority neighborhood)? How to prevent against corruption allegations that can have a negative impact on community-police relations? What are some police limitations, barriers that prevent positive relations between the community and the police department? How to have both community and police satisfaction that does not lead corruption and protect the legitimacy of the program(NCO)?Include in the paper the following if appropriate:Identify the problem, how it was identified, who was involved in the identification process, how the possible solutions were identified, who decided on a path forward, how was the solution presented and were there initial or later problems that were not foreseen? If so,were they solved? How? How was the solution initially received? What were the issues involved in devising the solutions? What is the prognosis for the solution? Interviews, quotes,of relevant officials and a review of original source documents, charts and tables may be included where appropriate.

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Evaluate and Improve NYPD’s Neighborhood Policing Program (NCO)
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