ethics and public administration

Summary of the Article

The article explains that corruption is a terrible vice in society that many institutions have tried to get rid of it to no avail. The amount of investments and resources dedicated to fighting corruption has been steadily increasing but ironically, the corruption levels have risen (Jancsics, 2019). The many corruption policies and procedures that have been set up to control this vice have not in any way helped.

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ethics and public administration
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The article states that corruption can be classified on many levels as others consider individuals’ corruption, such as bribes and nepotism. There is institutional corruption that can occur among legislatures involved in contracting companies to offer services and control the individuals being hired in a company.

The other forms of corruption are market corruption, which involves individuals who exchange materials for each other’s benefit but do not know each other socially. Corporate corruption consists of the misuse of the business’s resources for personal use or where the management controls how licenses and contracts are awarded in the organization. This affects the business’s processes and may lead to the total collapse of the organization.

State capture the article states that the regulatory authorities are stripped of their power and controlled by political parties. This will deny a particular section of people a chance to get services such as medical and education. In conclusion, the article says that any future corruption conceptualization is possible if all society fully implements all the ideas and plans. The citizens of these countries deserve better services. Therefore, continuous education of the community and identifying the different forms of corruption must be studied and effective ways of compliance administered to mitigate crime. The article also encourages quantitative investigation to measure if the existing policies are helping reduce corruption.

The type of corruption I have experienced is a bribe. It did not take place here but when I was in Mexico by officers. They wanted to get money from me. I refused to give any money and threatened to report the officers involved with this kind of behavior. One of the officers recognized me as the family member of a higher up in the police department. They later apologized and made me keep quiet, by quickly letting me go.


Jancsics, D. (2019). Corruption as resource transfer: An interdisciplinary synthesis. Public Administration Review79(4), 523-537.

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