Question 1

  1. How does marketing activities can violate business ethics? Discuss and provide example. (10 marks)
  2. What is the main component of Corporate Governance and discuss their responsibilities? (10 marks)
  3. It's in the file. 1

Figure 1

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Refer to Figure 1 the brand manager’s immediate reaction is “This marketing campaign is unethical.”

  1. Do you agree with the brand manager’s statement? Why? ( 5 marks)
  2. What are the issues being portrayed in the above figures that relate with marketing ethics? (5 marks)



Kelum is working as a Business Analyst in a company for 4 years now. He finds his job role and life boring for working in that company for too long and is deciding to move to another company. He meets a friend who is working in the same industry, and hears from him about a vacancy for a Business Analyst in his company. Therefore, Kelum decides to apply for this position. He faces an interview with the HR Manager of that company after sending applying for that job. The HR Manager is impressed by Kelum’s experience as a Business Analyst in the industry, and also the work done in the projects he has been engaged with, in his previous company. Therefore, the company hires him and assigns him to a project similar to the previous project he has been working on. While Kelum is working in the new company, the HR Manager asks him to provide confidential client information of the project he has been working on, in his previous company. Since the current project he is working on is similar to the previous one, the HR manager thinks it would be an opportunity for them to grab a tender to their company without going into a fair competition. Further, this request is made in a friendly manner where no evidence can be found if legal actions are to be taken. In this situation, Kelum cannot give a straight answer to his HR Manager since it is not ethical for him to distribute confidential information of his previous company. However, he cannot refuse this offer at once, since it would lead him to lose his job. Therefore, Kelum is facing a difficult situation, which is an ethical dilemma, where he must decide whether to reveal the confidential information or to refuse the HR Manager’s request.

Use the “Three Step Process” to solve the above ethical dilemma. Clearly discuss each of the steps. (30 marks)


a) Explain the following concepts

i. The Golden Rule

ii. Utilitarianism

iii. Organizational Intergrity

iv. Transparency

(8 marks)

b) Discuss the followings stakeholder interest in the organization

  1. Shareholders
  2. Employees
  3. Customers
  4. Creditors
  5. Federal Government
  1. marks)
  1. Code of ethics is a company’s written standard of ethical behavior that are designed to

guide managers and employees in making the decisions and choices they face every day. Discuss 2 (TWO) functions of code of ethics in an organization.

(6 marks)

d ) Explain how ethical program in an organization able to help employees to identify ethical

issues and assist them to address and resolve such issues.

( 6 marks)

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