Essay on religion

Essay must be 1,200 words each.  In completing essay, research must be conducted through 2–4 academic resources. Format each essay using current APA or MLA. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY. WILL GO THROUGH A PLAGIARISM CHECK BEFORE PURCHASING.

Essay Question 1

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Essay on religion
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Answer the following set of questions in an essay that traces the history of the United Kingdom Period: During the time of Samuel, why did the people of Israel desire a king? Why was Saul chosen, and, ultimately, why was he rejected? What attribute did David display that made him a better king than Saul? What sin did Solomon commit that ultimately led to the division of Israel after his death?

In writing this essay, analyze the three primary figures of Israel’s United Kingdom Period (Saul, David, and Solomon). Pay special attention to points of contrast and comparison between these figures, and how they are presented by the narrators of the historical books of the Old Testament (1&2 Samuel, 1 Kings, and 1&2 Chronicles).


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