essay about obesity

you will be responsible for highlighting the main public health issues.  The topic of my topic is Increasing rate of obesity in Virginia. this essay is intended to be broader and discuss potential health outcomes in the general public. This should be the big-picture—why do we care about this issue? Who is affected in the public? Are there certain populations we are more concerned about than others (i.e.,children, the elderly, people living in big cities or poor communities. How large is the problem? How many people does it affect? How serious is the problem? In this section, you should have statistics, tables, graphs, or other figures to illustrate your points.
In this essay , you should have at least three citations from well-established sources (i.e.,newspapers, government websites, scientific articles, etc.). Do not cite non-credible sources of 4 information (i.e., blogs, personal web pages, Wikipedia, etc.). You should also have at least two illustrative figures (remember to cite your source). This section should be at least 600 words.

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essay about obesity
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