esign Specification

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on mousetrap dump truck and separation system Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A distinctive dump truck is characterised by an open-box bed hinged at the back, the front can be lifted allowing deposition of the contents on the ground at the delivery site.

2.0 Design Specification

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esign Specification
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3.0 Initial Concepts and Discussion

The core concept of task two is to utilize the energy of a mousetrap to make the device mobile for 5 meters in a straight line. The second section of the project is the separation box which is supposed to separate the different sizes of the balls when hit. However, the description of the project is to utilize light, simple, flexible, inexpensive and available materials. There are various materials that the group used to design a lightweight truck model e.g. light cartons, disks, BBQ sticks, light fishing lines, bottle tops, mousetrap, rubber bands and small pieces of cloth hangers. In addition, the group used three materials in designing the separation box: cartoon, BBQ sticks and wooden sticks. Tools involved: glow gun, balloons and tape. In a nutshell, the project should demonstrate the innovation of a lightweight truck in the simplest way possible. The concept is to capture energy from a mousetrap to allow it to move for 5minutes along a straight path. The box holding the balls is strategically placed high above the body to allow the balls to drop in the separation box. Pieces of cloth hangers are used to improve flexibility.

Objectives of the project

1. To design the perfect project.

2. To design a simple and light project to pass assignment 2.

3. To achieve positive results during project testing.

4. To ensure delivery of all balls into the separation box.

5. To ensure the dump track model moves in a straight line for 5 meters.

6. To ensure the group unanimously accepts the project.

7. To improve engineering design skills.

8. To increase the university in terms of innovation.

9. To comprehend the concept of design and innovation in engineering.

Initially, the project had three possible designs. Numerous factors had to be considered to adopt one as the final plan.

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