Epidemiology and Human Disease

Epidemiology and Human DiseaseSo far, you have learned about a very diverse assortment of microorganisms and the characteristics that make them identifiable. For this unit, you will put this knowledge to the test by acting as an epidemiologist! For this unit’s Discussion topic, you are going to try and stump your classmates. Choose one human disease and answer the questions below in one post. You can consult the index in your textbook for additional information. Provide enough information so your classmates can offer a guess as to which bacteria you are describing, but without giving away the name. Good luck in your investigation! In your responses, try to guess your classmates’ unknown, or ask additional questions to identify the unknown they presented for Discussion.The Study of DiseasesIs the microorganism a Gram-negative bacterium, Gram positive bacterium, virus, helminth, or parasite?What are the signs and symptoms in an infected host? Give details about the disease/illness (but do not provide the name).What would be the most likely portals of entry and exit be for this pathogen? How did you come to these conclusions?List three other facts about this microbe from your class Readings (e.g., what makes the disease unique? Are there any identifying factors or traits?).

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Epidemiology and Human Disease
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