If you could film a documentary film of your own, what would its topic be?

Narrow it enough. For example, “Environment” is too broad a topic. But the effect of single use plastic on waste management is specific.

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What is your objective with this documentary? Is it to educate? To introduce? To persuade? Who is the targeted audience? One way to think of target audience is: where would you spend advertising dollars? The magazine Good Housekeeping is for a completely different audience than the1. Create a 100 (ish) word pitch about your documentary. 

Example: My documentary would be a story about the architectural style of buildings at Renaissance faires, that’s a world I know a lot about, I have a passion for, and have access to. The intended audience is young adults who are involved in live action role playing, I would show this documentary at comic conventions for the purpose of educating them on an interesting element of this creative world. 

2. The Visuals: Include a description and sketch of what opening and closing camera shots you’d like to include. See my examples attached below, they are not good drawings! But they do give you an idea of what the film would look like. 

Additionally, include three photo images that help us to understand the importance and/or artistic vision for your film.

My opening shot would be of a jouster on a horse, riding toward another jouster. My closing shot would be of the entrance gates at the Texas Renaissance Festival, around dusk. There’s a pretty spot where the moon always hangs just above the east turret. magazine Street Trucks. Your target audience shouldn’t just be “adults.”

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