Task 1 – Solve a Complex Workplace Problem

Instructions to Learners:

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  • This summative assessment can be completed in class or at any other convenient location.
  • Students are required to complete this task using digital tools and ensure to submit in an acceptable format, e.g. .docx, .pdf, .pptx, or as advised by your assessor.
  • Please use the following formatting guidelines to complete this assessment task:
    • Font Size: 12; Line Spacing: Double; Font Style: Times New Roman
  • Assessment activities can be completed either in real workplace environment or in a simulated environment such as your classroom. In both cases, appropriate evidence of the assessment activities must be provided.

Instruction to Assessors:

  • You must assess student’s assessment according to the provided Marking Criteria.
  • You must complete and record any evidence related to assessment activities including role-plays and presentations using appropriate forms which must be attached with student assessment submission.
  • You must provide students with detailed feedback within 10 working days from submission.

This assessment task requires you to lead the process for addressing a complex workplace issue up to the point of implementation, including:

  • identifying task objectives and risks involved with pursuing identified problem
  • researching legislative frameworks and applicable frameworks for the identified problem
  • calculating resources required for solution development process
  • facilitating others in idea generation for possible solutions
  • presenting proposed solution to key stakeholders
  • using feedback to revise solution to achieve stakeholder approval
  • seeking necessary approvals for the implementation of the solution.

Your Assessor will nominate the complex problem to be solved.

For this assessment task, you will access to:

  • organisational policies and procedures
  • opportunities to collaborate with others throughout the concept development process
  • resources required to undertake research, prepare a brief and develop a feedback register.

and will need to:1. Define the Problem

What are you trying to solve? In addition to getting clear on what the problem is, defining the problem also establishes a goal for what you want to achieve.

Input: something is wrong or something could be improved.
Output: a clear definition of the opportunity and a goal for fixing it.2. Facilitate an ideation session

What are some ways to solve the problem? The goal is to create a list of possible solutions to choose from. The harder the problem, the more solutions you may need.

Input: a goal; research of the problem and possible solutions; imagination.
Output: pick-list of possible solutions that would achieve the stated goal.3. Decide on a Solution

What are you going to do? The ideal solution is effective (it will meet the goal), efficient (is affordable), and has the fewest side effects (limited consequences from implementation).

Input: pick-list of possible solutions; decision-making criteria.
Output: decision of what solution you will implement.

4. Prepare a brief on proposed solution according to organisational policy and present to key stakeholders

Input: selected solution.
Output: stakeholder presentation.

5. Collect feedback

Input: feedback collected on proposed and presented solution.
Output: recommendations for solution refinement.

6. Refine proposal and seek organizational approval

Input: feedback collected on proposed and presented solution and approval process.
Output: final complex problem solution with organisational approval ready for implementation.

Submit each of the outputs for assessment.

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