english literature

Writing Assignment Guidelines: Love, life, and family. The prompt for the third writing assignment is: To what extent does Frankenstein support Mary Wollstonecraft’s claim that women were treated as inferior to men? Your answers should be submitted via Turnitin (the link below this one) by 11.55 pm on Wednesday 7 June 2017. It should be 250 words. 10% either side is permissible, but pieces that are longer than 275 words, or shorter than 225, are liable to lose one letter grade. This limit applies to the text of your response; it does not include the title or works cited information. (Remember: the point is not simply to write down everything you can think of. Rather, give the topic some thought and decide what your argument is and what the best evidence is you have to support that argument. At that point you should start crafting your response, working out the best way to make and support your argument.) As before, the writing assignment will be graded on the basis of its argument, its evidence, and its style. In particular, I will be asking three questions: 1. Does the response provide a clear argument? 2. Does the response provide strong evidence that supports the argument? 3. Is the response well-formatted and written, free of grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors? Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you have about the assignment. The assignments will be assessed as follows (figures in parentheses indicate the points you will be awarded in the grade center for this assignment): A (48) The writing assignment is strong in all three areas. It provides a clear argument, the evidence provided is strong and supports that particular argument, and the work as a whole is well presented, with no writing errors. B (43) The writing assignment is strong in two areas, but falls down significantly in one area. The writing assignment contains a relatively strong argument and some textual evidence, but there is a slight lack of focus in the argument and evidence. There might be one or two writing slips. C (38) The writing assignment is strong in one area, but falls down in two areas. (For example, it might be well written and presented, but the argument and evidence are below the expected standard). The argument lacks clarity and/ or the evidence is not connected to the argument as well as it might be. There might also be some minor writing or formatting errors. D (33) The writing assignment has significant weaknesses. The argument may not be clear, there might be little or no textual evidence, or the evidence may not relate to the argument. There are also likely to be errors in the writing and formatting. F (25) The writing assignment does not meet the minimum expectations in terms of making an argument, supporting that argument with evidence, and presenting the argument in a clear fashion. Please note: if you do not submit an assignment, you will score “0” for the assignment. This will have a significant impact on your overall grade.

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english literature
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