english literature

 this assignment is about literature, it need to read some reading materials and novel. the writing assignment It should be 250 words. 10% either side is permissible, but pieces that are longer than 275 words, or shorter than 225, are liable to lose one letter grade. This limit applies to the text of your response; it does not include the title or works cited information.

As before, the writing assignment will be graded on the basis of its argument, its evidence, and its style. In particular, I will be asking three questions:

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english literature
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1. Does the response provide a clear argument?

2. Does the response provide strong evidence that supports the argument?

3. Is the response well-formatted and written, free of grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors? 

two novels need:



i will attach the guidline details and other reading material below. there a mp4. materials not allowed to attach, i will seng it separate.


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