ENDURING UNDERSTANDING: Chiefs must flexibly leverage different thinking styles and approaches to appropriately address different types and levels of problems. ENDURING UNDERSTANDING: Chiefs need purposeful strategies to lead the integration of AF ethos, Airman identity, character and performance in organizations and in diverse employment contexts. **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****Recognizing assumptions is one of the most valuable skills of a critical thinker. Numerous leadership articles stress this, numerous critical thinking courses and lessons stress this, and even former CMSAF Wright has been quoted describing how critical, yet undeveloped a skill it is. Both the readings for this lesson give strategies for developing your skill in recognizing assumptions – both in yourselves and in others. Both also talk about the good side and the bad side of assumptions. Along with the readings, keep in mind the Essential Concepts of this lesson as you respond.Lesson Essential Concepts:Far too often people read, hear, and believe something without stopping to seriously consider its authenticity, truth, or purpose – as military professionals we must hold ourselves to a much higher standard.Mental skill is like a physical skill: it requires fundamentals, standards of performance, and recurring practiceBiases, emotions, experiences, and assumptions have unavoidable and often times far too much influence on our thinking. Higher-order thinking can recognize and manage these influences. IN YOUR POST:1. What do you believe is the greatest benefit to you as a reasoning, rational human being, and a military professional in being able to recognize assumptions?2. What do you believe is the greatest pitfall to you by not appropriately recognizing assumptions? Explain clearly and give an example to illustrate.3. Lastly – what is one way you can ‘practice’ recognizing assumptions?

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