End-of-Course Essay

Assignment ContentIn this course, you have learned that computer programming is key to computer science. The ability to program a succession of instructions to resolve a computing problem is a valuable skill that is integral to many aspects of modern life. You have also seen the versatility and distinguishing characteristics that make Python 3 a popular choice for programmers.Write a 1- to 2-page essay in which you connect this course to your own career or personal life. Imagine the audience for this essay is someone who is interested in finding out about your experience with this course and the programming language.An essay is a short composition on a theme or subject, written in prose and generally analytic, speculative, or interpretative.Consider these questions as you write. You may answer all or some of the questions in your essay.Why is object-oriented programming a valuable skill?What are the benefits and limitations of Python 3?Besides programming, what are some other tasks you can perform with Python 3?How might you use the concepts you learned in this course in your career or personal life?In what ways would you like to extend or strengthen your knowledge of object-oriented programming or Python 3 in particular? Grading guidelines:Title your essay.Write 1 to 2 pages on your experience with Python 3.Consider your audience as anyone interested in your experience with the course and Python 3.


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