eHarmony Case Study

For each of the two cases, students are expected to submit a written analysis of the case and be ready to discuss the case on our discussion board. The basic idea of a case is that you are doing a “Strategic Audit” or diagnostic of the company. You will then make “Strategic Recommendations” for the company based on this diagnostic. The two cases are available through Harvard Business Cases ( (Links to an external site.)

The case audit should include the following components:

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eHarmony Case Study
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  • Brief Introduction & Key Issues
    1. Provide a brief (1-2 paragraphs) introduction of the firm and the most pressing issues from the case.
  • Analysis: There are four parts to the analysis
    1. External analysis (i.e. General Macro Environment, Five Forces)
    2. Internal analysis (i.e. VRIO)
    3. Examination of the firm’s business-level strategy
    4. Examination of the firm’s corporate-level strategy — NOT NECESSARY FOR EHARMONY BECAUSE IN ONE SINGLE INDUSTRY
  • Strategic Recommendations and Justification
    1. Recommendations should respond to the key issues of the case, and must be specific and actionable. Your recommendations must also be consistent with your analysis ** Do not forget to consider the firm’s financial standing when making recommendations.

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