Effective and efficient communication

Unit 1 Points: 100 Overview: Effective and efficient communication is important in any organization. For this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and with sen sit ivity and tact. Instructions: • Review Readings and Resources . • Choose one of the following scenarios below: o Congratulations! Your supervisor has asked you to lead your organization’s Activities Committee. As Committee Leader, your first task is to plan the upcoming annual summer picnic for all employees and their fami lies. Write an email to the Activities Committee team to begin the planning process and ensure the event is going to be a success. Make up the details needed. o You just held the summer picnic event in Scenario 1. Overall, it was a success and the informal feedback you received from employees was very positive. However, you did not meet the CEO’s goals for the event, which were for 80% of employees to attend the event while keeping the cost under $10,000. Write an email to the CEO to recap the event and its goals. Make up the details needed. Requirements: • Use email format with a subject line. • Write in a professional tone with a concise style and transitions. • Include relevant, substantive details. Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write. BUS 311 – Managerial Communications Email Scenario Response Evaluation Rubric for Email Assignment CRITERIA Deficient Needs Improvement Proficient Exemplary (0 – 13.9 points) (14 – 15.9 points) (16 – 17.9 points) (18 – 20 points) Content and Substance Content does not follow the assignment details Content varies from assignment instructions and relevant details are lacking. Content follows assignment instructions and has sufficient details. Content follows assignment instructions and details relevant, on -topic and substantive. Organization and Subject Line Email format is not used. There is no subject line. There is an attempt at email format, but there are some organizational issues. Subject line does not exist or is unclear. Email format is used, but there are some organizational issues; the subject line is suitable. The layout of the email message is simple and clean. The subject line is very clear. Tone Professional tone/style is not employed. Professional tone/style is inconsistent. Professional tone/style is consistent. Professional tone/style is carefully crafted and enhances the message. Sentence, Structure, Word Choice and Transitions Sentence structure and word choice are deficient; no transitions. Sentence structure is lacking; word choice is poor; some transitions. Sentence structure exists, but does not vary, word choice is good; transitions em ployed. Sentences are complete, and their structure and length are varied, creating fluidity. Excess, phrases, and sentences are eliminated for greter clarity.

Concise style with transitions employed. Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Writing with significant errors. Writing with some errors. Writing with few grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Writing with no errors.

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Effective and efficient communication
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