eff Han Multi-Touch Sensor and Its Applications.

I will pay for the following article Jeff Han Multi-Touch Sensor and Its Applications. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The multi-touch sensor in its simplest form is an advanced version of the touch screen interface. A touch screen is a unique input device that eliminates the conventional use of the computer’s mouse and keyboard and replaces it with the use of a human hand and a touch-sensitive screen. The concept of using human touch as the means to communicate becoming popular, owes its origins to the works of Sherrick (1985) and Rollmam (1999), changing the paradigm of commands and input devices in a computer-controlled environment. (1). Unlike its predecessor, the multi-touch system has the capabilities to recognize more than just one touchpoint. A touchpoint is a contact made on a particular touch screen. this is possible by sensors that pick up the pressure made from the human touch, the heat from a human hand, and or cameras that capture the actual touch made. Software programs can be written to make use of this technology to vastly enhance the interaction between the human and the computer. (2).

The significance of the multi-touch interface can not be adequately understood unless one knows the significance of a regular touch screen. Touch screens in general already eliminate the use of the bulky keyboard and mouse. This presents a friendly outlook on the computer experience which enables the creation of flux in user. It eliminates the analogy of the word desktop and actually transforms the computer into an actual desk. This effect is created by the touch screen interface that allows users to touch what they see. No longer are icons and images viewed as being an abstract object on a screen but through the means of the touch screen, they&nbsp.become concrete tangible objects that are at disposal of our fingertips. Now that we have understood what the original touch screen has given us we can now elaborate the significance of a multi-touch screen. As we stated before the multi-touch recognizes more than one touchpoint this breakthrough design gives us endless possibilities that we can incorporate into programs.&nbsp.

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eff Han Multi-Touch Sensor and Its Applications.
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