Economic Report (from managerial economics perspective)

Economic Report WRITTEN REPORT utilize a substantial article or two related smaller articles from Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, or The Wall Street Journal. should be read and analyzed from a managerial economics perspective. The economic reports reflect current events (no more than 2 years old) that relate to the course. Some examples of economic reports that we have seen it the past are: Southwest Airlines no fee baggage, Incentive programs at Chesapeake, and reports about Google’s work environment.textbook- Brickley, J., Smith, C., & Zimmerman, J. (2016). Managerial economics and organizational architecture. McGraw-Hill Education as reference to apply managerial economic concepts Instructions for compiling economic report: A typed, double spaced report (3 pages) should then be prepared according to the following format: I. Summary – a brief synopsis, in your words, of each article (40 points). II. Economic Significance – discuss how the article(s) relate(s) to our study of economics and the appropriate economic concepts that can be applied (10 points). III. Conclusion – discuss application of information in the article(s) to the student’s professional and/or personal life (15 points). IV. References – Author, Title, Publication, Publication Date, Page(s) (5 points).


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