economic backgrounds

DB week 4 

  • We all have biases of one nature or another, positive and negative. When working with young children, you will be working with parents of various socio-economic backgrounds, family compositions (including single parent, grandparent, foster parents, gay parents, etc), religions, and ethnicities. Parents will range from those you consider good parents to neglectful/abusive parents and may have issues with substance use/abuse, be on welfare, homeless, etc. Think of your biases. Think of some of the school’s biases, such as forms asking for information on mom and dad. Is this bias against single parent households or gay families? What about Christmas celebrations in school? Is this bias against our students of other faiths? How do you think young children feel when they cannot participate due to religious or cultural reasons? Discuss  biases and how they negatively impact young children.

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economic backgrounds
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