Eating well is paramount especially for people who are aging.


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Eating well is paramount especially for people who are aging.
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 Eating well is paramount especially for people who are aging. A balance diet with high nutrition value helps the aged to improve their mental acuteness, energy level and they immune system to resist illness. A healthy diet can also be the key to a positive outlook and being emotional balanced.  Improving one’s diet can help the aged to prolong their life as well as become stronger.  A balanced and good nutrition boosts immunity, fights illness-causing toxins, keeps weight in check, and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and life style diseases such as high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, bone loss, and cancer (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

Eating of fruits leafy veggies, and fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids can improve focus and decrease their risk of Alzheimer’s disease and also sharpens one’s mind. Memory enhancement and mental alertness is also boosted by the consumption of Antioxidant-rich green tea by the aged. Energy is also acquired by eating of wholesome meals which boosts not only the mood but also the energy (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

 In creation of a healthy diet, it must consist of fruits, veggies, calcium, grains especially those with high fiber which are wholesome not fully processed. Additionally, healthy fats and proteins are also paramount. Important vitamins and minerals include water, vitamin B, and vitamin D. in feeding of the aged; one should cut down the sugar levels in the foods and also replace refined carbs with complex carbs. Also they should avoid sodas and sweetened coffee drinks.

 However, there are various factors that affect the diet of an aged person which are grouped as lifestyle factors which includes loneliness and depression, death of a close relative or divorce, and also living in a limited budget. The aged also experience difficult in chewing which can be improved by drinking smoothies made with fresh fruit, yogurt, and protein powder, eating of teamed veggies and soft food such as couscous, rice, and yogurt (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

Questions to be asked during the interview

 Eating and dietary habits

, taste changes,

Eating schedule,

Dietary problems and nutritional concerns

Food intolerances

Any swallowing or chewing problem

 Living alone etc. that influences their dietary habit


Me: how has been your feeding habit considering your age?

Elderly person:  I have had poor feeding habit as I only want to eat soft food which most of them are processed which is not good for my health but that all what I want.

Me: are there changes in taste of food?

Elderly person: definitely yes. I have lost by taste buds and I cannot tell if food have salt or not. Also in terms of sweetness everything I take tastes watery.

Me: what are your eating schedules?

Elderly person: I rarely eat most of the time you will find me taking smoothies which I think are my main meal. I only eat when my children visit me and they have to force me on the same since I have swallowing problem.

Me:  do you have any food intolerance problems?

Elderly person: yes. I cannot consume anything that is acidic including verges and fruits. Also I have high intolerance to anything that has gluten.

Me: has living alone have an effect on your feeding habits?

Elderly person: yes most of the time am depressed and lonely and I feel like sleeping only and I end up drinking smoothies only.

Me: is your taking of smoothies also influenced by swallowing problems?

Elderly person: yes I have problems in swallowing of food as well as chewing as I get tired easily and hence smoothies does it for me.


“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”. Helpguide.Org, 2017,

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