Dynabase Tool has forecast its total funds requirement for the coming year a


a) Divide the firms monthly funds requirements into (1) a permanent component and (2) a seasonal component, and find the monthly average for each of those components.

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Dynabase Tool has forecast its total funds requirement for the coming year a
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b) Describe the amount of long-term and short-term financing used to meet the total funds requirements under (1) an aggressive funding strategy and (2) a conservative funding strategy. Assume that, under the aggressive strategy, long-term funds finance permanent needs and short-term funds are used to finance seasonal needs.

c) Assuming that short-term funds cost 5% annually and that the cost of long-term funds is 10% annually, use the averages found in part a to calculate the total cost of each strategies describes in part b. Assume that the firms can earn 3% on any excess cash balances.

d) Discuss the profitability-risk tradeoffs associated with the aggressive strategy and those associated with the conservative strategy.

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