You will propose a Decision Support System as a solution to a problem. You will develop a basic and useful Decision Support System prototype application using a commercially available vendor product (free trial), or open source software and write a comprehensive paper documenting it. It is advisable that you start working on the project as soon as possible to attain the desired quality and to be able to finish the project by the end of the semester. The term project proposal is due no later than July 2nd2018
Instructions for Developing a DSS Prototype Application
1.  Search the Internet for and study the features and capabilities of proprietary or open source DSS tools. After studying these products, select a product that you would like to use to design and develop the DSS prototype application for your term project. 
2. You will have to download the demo version or trial version for a limited time from the vendor website (if using proprietary software) to your own machine. Please look at the “DSS Software” link on Blackboard for some examples of DSS vendors.
Project Deliverables
1.  Documentation;
a.  You are the Developer and Analyst in the Technology Division of your firm. You have to demonstrate the viability of introducing a DSS within your firm/to your client. As a first step you are going to develop a prototype DSS in a specific domain, discuss its features, design capabilities, costs, advantages, and the rationale for adopting the technology firm wide.
b.  Paper requirements should discuss the following:
§ Introduction and problem statement (what problem needs to be addressed)
§ Solution: justify the reason for considering a DSS based solution for your problem;
§ Discuss the organizational and user benefits for DSS development for the end users of your proposed solution.
§ Identify and discuss the features of your DSS. 
§ Discuss the tool (vendor product) used for development;
§ Explain why the chosen tool is suited to solve the DSS problem.
§ List some further enhancements that are possible with the prototype developed.
c.  The paper should follow APA Format. Times Roman Font, size 12. 
2.  Prototype
a.  You will develop a DSS prototype that solves your proposed problem. Your prototype must show the three levels: Data Layer, Model Layer and a User Interface. Remember this is only a prototype.
3.  Project Presentation
a.  You will prepare a 10 minute presentation to the class regarding the DSS prototype application development. Additional 5-10 minutes will be reserved for Q&A.
− The primary grading criteria for the DSS prototype application will be: Quality of the paper, how well the prototype addresses the problem stated in the paper, clarity of documentation, and the class presentation.

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