DRS Restaurant Business Proposal & Menu Syllabus

DRS Restaurant Business Proposal & Menu Syllabus Objectives and Instructions: This will be a n individual project that will be very similar to what everyone did back in Management Course (creating a business plan). C reate a Business Model for a restaurant plan following the table of contents below . This needs to be a non -existing company or a business that will be based in Winnipeg . There will be a sample provided for your reference ideas – please note that I will not be needing any financial information i n regards to your proposed company (i.e. revenue forecast, employee salary, etc.) A template as well will be provided to follow. There are no minimum or maximum words per section but a clear presentation of thoughts are expected. Please note – if you are o ne of the students that did a restaurant for the previous business proposal, you may not use your previous submission. Create a new one. Due date is on June 28, Monday , EOD. (Exactly 4 weeks from now) Learning Outcomes:  Create a restaurant service plan and principles learned in the course  Create a successful company mission, vision and service promise  Identify menus that would fit with the business proposal  Create a sample menu using the tips and tricks presented in MyLea rning lessons  Create a menu syllabus for the menu items in your restaurant  Identify SWOT analysis and be able to critically analyze one’s management plan  Create a standards and procedures Table of Contents: I. Executive Summary – this contains a summary of y our business / corporation. The purpose of presenting a management plan. a. Details of the Business (ownership, location > must be in Winnipeg) i. Name of the business ii. Type of Restaurant (fine dining, bistro, family, etc.) iii. Picture reference of your restaurant vi sion (please source out pictures of how you envision your restaurant proposal will look like.) Please include the following image concepts: 1. Exterior / design 2. Interior / design 3. Bar (if applicable) 4. Tables and chairs 5. Cutlery, glassware, table setting b. Objectives i. Your objective of the company using the SMART goals principle. (please see business plan reference) c. Mission and Vision i. Create a mission and vision for your business model (please see business plan reference) II. Products and Services a. Which service do you intent to use for your restaurant? Explain. b. Create and design a sample menu using the principles that was introduces in the course ( Menu in Psychology – Dining R oom Skills -HHS -020 -W21H1 (mitt.ca) ) i. No min or max menu items but it should have appetizers, entrées, and dessert section. Feel free to add more.  You may use any software / program in doing this (i.e. MS word)  I am open in ideas for submission b. Menu Syllabus – Select 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 3 desserts in your menu a nd create a menu syllabus for them ( more details below ) Menu Syllabus Using the menu you created, choose 3 appetizers, 4 entrees and 3 desserts and provide the following information. Please use the excel template attached in the assignment folder.  Menu Item name  Ingredients (no need for measurements and method . Just list down some ingredients that are highlights for the dish and a server should know )  Table Talk – what is table talk? (provide 2 table talks) o How you would describe this to a guest when speaking to them at the table – a way to entice them o A way of suggestive selling it to them. o You can talk about the method of the preparation of the dish that makes it unique as a selling point o Note: this is not just writing down plain “this is a delicious meal” it is more on the dish’s own selling point.

Refer to the examples in the template.  Allergy: o What allergens does this dish have? o The dish is safe to be eaten by celiacs, dairy free. o State the common allergens that you identify with this menu item as discussed in class  Price of the dish o Does it match your target market and location? o Does it match with all of your restaurant’s attributes? III. Market Analysis Summary a. Market Segmentation i. Describe your specific target market and your reasons (please see business plan reference) b. Sales and marketing > pricing strategy i. Which restaurants in the city do you consider your competitors? ii. Share a brief description of your marketing strategy and prici ng strategy to capture this market (please see business plan reference) c. SWOT Analysis of the Business/company i. Create a SWOT analysis for your business model (please see business plan reference) ii. Ensure that a realistic location / business model is created d. Competitive Edge i. What separates you from the competition? IV. The Team a. Standards i. Create a sample standard that you will be having for your service team. Please refer our lessons in management regarding the template of how to do this. 1. 5 standards for your serv ice team 2. 5 standards for your host / reception tea,  It can be a combination of rational and behavioral standards. b. Personnel Plan and Organizational Structure i. What positions / staffing do you see that you will be having for your business model? Share your organizational structure (i.e. manager > assistant manager > supervisor > etc.) (please see business plan reference – no need to include financials and salary/wage) RUBRIC = total of 50 marks Excellent (10) Very Good (8) Good (6) Acceptable (4) Needs Improvement (2) Part I – Executive Summary Contents of this section clearly identifies of what the proposed restaurant is based on the sub – contents. A clear thought and idea is presented. Scores will be awarded or taken away based on the commentary of the facilitator. i.e. 1 minor comment will result in a 1 mark deduction from 10 marks of perfect score or an irrelevant information will provided will have their appropriate deductions. Part II.1 – Product and Services (Menu Creation) The menu created followed the lessons in DRS course. Scores will be awarded or taken away based on the commentary of the facilitator Part II.2 – Product and Services (Menu Syllabus) The menu syllabus was designed carefully and thoughtfully in giving the correct informati on to the service team. Scores will be awarded or taken away based on the commentary of the facilitator Part II – Market Analysis Summary An understanding of what the company’s target market is identified.

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DRS Restaurant Business Proposal & Menu Syllabus
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A SWOT analysis is also curated in showcasing th e business model. Scores will be awarded or taken away based on the commentary of the facilitator Part IV – The Team This part s howcases a sample standard that the company will hold its FOH team . The per sonnel plan and the organizational structure match es the business and its company values. Scores will be awarded or taken away based on the commentary of the facilitator

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