Drawing and cad

Need help with my writing homework on Drawing and cad. Write a 1000 word paper answering; In addition, engineering drawing helps create a feeling of the real issue being solve and thus is an integral part of the profession that cannot be let go or ignored.

AutoCAD is one of the easiest ways of modelling a technical drawing. But, this designing tool has its shortcomings. More often, understanding the different commands in the software and identifying the proper key for any function that needs to be utilized. Modelling of the motor base required good knowledge of the following features:

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Drawing and cad
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AutoCAD requires the operator to be experienced in several features and skills and know how, when and where to utilize them. I overcame this by constant working on my skills with several drawings to improve on the lessons learnt in class (Oberholzer, 2008).)

The most challenging part in drawing the motor base and its accompanying components was during the modelling of the ….. Getting the correct profile of the lower part using Solidworks was difficult as the software provides for modifications on the end sketches only. The transitional drafts help as guidelines of the profile. Their guidance on the outline is through picking the association with the guide curves (Pozar, & Schaubert, 1995).)

Proper dimensioning of drawing models requires a user to understand the drawing keenly. This includes the main parts of the component and the purpose of the item being denoted. In this case, the object chosen is a motor base. A motor base is a mounting tool for a variety of components to absorb tensional forces. The major part of the motor base was the bracket which was properly dimensioned. The types of dimensioning codes for circular shapes and linear dimensioning for linear distances were utilized (Green, 2007).

In creating the drawings from Solidworks, some limitations were identified with the software during dimensioning of the motor plate. The plate component, support steel, being multi dimension displayed an error message upon trying to dimension.

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