Drama Essay: Character Analysis

Drama Essay: Character AnalysisDirectionsFor this short essay assignment, you are writing an analysis of one of the characters in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. This character analysis essay should be at least 500 words and three paragraphs in length.Be sure that you have the following: an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, at least one body paragraph with supporting reasons, examples, and quotations from the play, and a concluding paragraph. The thesis statement should represent your main argument analyzing the character you have chosen.You may use the brainstorming questions below to generate ideas. Brainstorming QuestionsSelect one character from The Glass Menagerie. Consider these questions as you think about your character: What does he or she want? What conflict does this character encounter? How do they attempt to get their desire? What prevents them from achieving it? Does the character change or grow? What is the resolution by the end of the play for this character? After thinking about these questions, develop your thesis statement.The Thesis StatementTo develop your thesis statement, choose two or three descriptive words to define your character. From these words, what main point could you argue about the character in an essay? This opinion or judgment is your thesis statement. Once you have your thesis, choose supporting evidence (quotations and examples from the play) for the body paragraph.RemindersUse APA style, and include a title page, proper font and spacing, in-text citations, and a separate references page.Do not use any outside sources to complete this response; rely only on your own insights.Quoted material from the play should not exceed 25% of the essay.You may exceed the minimum word and paragraph count.

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Drama Essay: Character Analysis
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