Domestic Violence Prevention.

Need help with my writing homework on Domestic Violence Prevention. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Women are more likely to minimize the severity of domestic violence. While there fails to offer a solitary women’s activist methodology aggressive behavior at home, numerous specialists have concentrated on the force uneven characters that encourage and propagate savagery against ladies. It is clear that these imbalances are more prevalent at the society level in many patriarchal societies in which structural factors hinder equal participation of both genders in social and political systems.

From a historical perspective, domestic violence has often been perceived and portrayed by society as an issue that affects minority groups predominantly. This explains why many African-American women as other women of color remain very much aware of the stereotypes that underlie gender-based violence. As a result of the racial/ethnic/class dimension that domestic violence takes in many cases, most victims are often reluctant to disclose or report their violent or abusive relationships. This is because they view the reporting as an opportunity for the authorities or the public to use the information in reinforcing negative stereotypes against the minority groups.

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Domestic Violence Prevention.
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Evidence from numerous research studies indicates that women encounter more negative impacts of domestic violence than their male counterparts. The effects here include psychological/emotional implications like fear, insult, anger, depression, stress, diminished self-esteem, and anxiety attacks. Other effects may include sleeping issues, shame, and post-traumatic stress. When it comes to domestic violence directed towards the men, research indicates that most women who assault men are often the victims of some persistent abuse (Hirchel, Hutchison, & Shaw, 2009). Therefore, the use of violence is just a means of trying to escape or stop the abuse against them. Even though both genders&nbsp.result in violence with an aim of achieving some control, females try to secure some short-term control over an immediate scenario while men tend to gain widespread authority over the long-term.&nbsp.

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