Domestic Violence in Australia

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The intervention programs are arranged including emergency hideouts, women assistance after police intervention, special victims services linked to diverse languages, etc. When looking into the problems of women facing domestic violence is regarding their living place. Safety becomes a major concern and hence many organizations. both governmental and non-profit units have come up with provisions and services for this matter.BBC News, Sydney reported on February 2, 2009, that “the first refuge for domestic violence victims has opened in Australias Northern Territory, and is designed to help vulnerable Aboriginal women.

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Domestic Violence in Australia
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” (Mercer, 2009).Safe Homes are shelters for women who can never hope for secure help from any others. The victims undergoing legal formalities are more prone to insecure situations. “The safe house aims to be a circuit-breaker to give sanctuary to vulnerable women in small communities where they have few places to seek help.” (Mercer, 2009).Cathy Huddleston says that this turned out to be a relief for battered women to live in safety with no fear of violence. There have been many admissions to this refuge owing to domestic violence in the aboriginal areas of Australia.

Joblessness, economic deficiencies and addictions, and at times abnormalities lead to domestic violence. It is a fact that a victim of such tortures and brutalities will obviously have physical, emotional, and psychological disturbances. Outlying anxiety of further abuse will be present in the victims that can lead to bigger complications in the future.&nbsp.

The prerequisite to getting out of the traumatic situations is a safe and peaceful existence for the victims. The Australian refuge centers ensure that all the inhabitants are safe and comfortable.

A lofty interest in this matter at the national level gave way to the establishment of Safe Homes across the country. The National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) and the University of Melbourne together have launched an organization that provides help and shade for women in need.&nbsp.

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