Diversity Consciousness

Answer the following questions and answer completely. A minimum of 2-3 pages is required for this assignment. Submit your document through the assignment link. 1.  If you and other students sit in the same classroom, read the same assignments, and hear the same lectures, are all of you receiving the same education?  Why or why not?  Give a personal example to support your reason.2.  Take a close look at your close circle of friends.  How diverse is this group? 3.  Look at what is being taught in your college classes.  Do the readings, lectures, and discussions reflect the contributions of many cultures?  If not, how might it be improved?  If yes, how?4.  Do you think you can honor and respect diversity without working on understanding it?5.  What are your personal hot buttons?  How do you feel when someone triggers one of your hot buttons?  Why?  Do your encounters with hot buttons make it difficult for you to communicate effectively?

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Diversity Consciousness
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