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Family Education is a form of education, both educational and preventive. Its major purpose is to educate individuals about family functions and relations as well as systems sustained in diverse ways. Family Education life covers a wide range of topics like family interactions, interpersonal relations, communication, sexuality decision-making, problem-solving, parenthood, as well as human development.

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Diverse Family Types Paper
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Family Life Education with Prison Inmate and their Families

Recently, bigger imprisonment rates have stimulated the question of the effects on families and children. Has it surges, more children and families have direct involvement with the incarceration of one parent. According to studies, men with a past of imprisonment are less expected to share a house or marry and are more expected to form unstable relations equated to those who have been imprisoned.

Additionally, children of incarcerated fathers tend to exhibit more problems in childhood and adolescence. The husband’s incarnation also affects the wife’s behavior. They grow weary over time and may not be able to visit their husbands in jail or even send flowers since it may be costly or the distance may belong. Women also go through emotional stress as they might try to figure out what their husbands go through in jail.

The women also are left with the duty of taking care of the family alone since incarcerated husbands are unable to provide in jail. Additionally, according to studies, children of incarnated fathers are likely to perform poorly in school due to emotional strain. Incarnated mothers also affect their children and spouses. There is a strain for the husband when raising the children especially their daughters. It can also affect the children’s performance at school and cause them emotional strain.

However, some practice in jail enables the families to communicate. There are phone calls in jail thus making communication between family members possible. There are also other ways like sending notes and letters as a way of communicating as well as visitations. Some states allow a child to stay in jail with their mother until a certain age that enables them to create a bond between them and their children. Through these practices, the families keep a close bond during the period of incarnation until when the parent or the family member is out.

Family life education is very important to a family with an incarnated member. It helps the family and the inmate to learn about human behavior, to get insight into oneself. This helps the family and the inmate to accept the situation and may serve as a reflection to the inmate to change their behavior. The education also strengthens families by acquiring interpersonal skills for present and future family functions. That is, it can help the family of the inmate during the period of incarnation to get through tough times and even after the release.

Family life education with military families

Over the years, military families and their families have been unrecognized. However, the issue of family life education has happened recently. The needs of military families during reunion, separation, as well as relocation, are recognized and programs have been developed to meet those needs. However, the program is underutilized, partially due to the stigma of accessing services and partially because they are underdeveloped due to funding restrictions or lack of awareness about what is needed. In addition, few programs have been adequately evaluated therefore, their value is still unknown.

According to research, military families endure circumstances and demands that are unique. Moreover, the military has identified more research to determine the characteristics that influence family functioning and make the program effective. The implications served can be used as a foundation to promote the development and utilization of innovative programs that address the needs of today’s military families.

Through increased public awareness, additional applied research, and target program development and evaluation that the needs of military families will be recognized and addressed. Additionally, family life educators can play an important role in the process of collaboration with the military and its families to provide appropriate assistance during stressful situations and thus will be better for these families.

There is a need for the military families to be assisted in making relocation decisions like living on or off base, choosing schools as well as maintaining and renegotiating family boundaries. Additionally, methods of ion that promote family cohesion and provide honest, direct communication within families and between families and military representatives are essential during separation.

. Additionally, changes like industrialization, urbanization as well as women’s change in gender roles in various countries brings societal problems. These societal difficulties include increased divorce rate, juvenile delinquency, parent-child strife, as well as shifts in marital roles. Therefore, family life education is necessary to help individuals going through such societal difficulties since it helps in reducing such problems as well as other social problems contributing to a family’s wellbeing

Family life education with grandparents

The number of grandparents raising and taking over the responsibility of their grandchildren is rising. Grandparents consistently lack the necessary resources that could reduce and minimize their stress in what is usually an unexpected family situation. Family life education has failed to meet the needs of grand families.

Grandparents raising grandchildren can benefit from education regarding finding resources and answers to questions as they navigate the many systems that they are involved with, communicating and guiding their grandchildren. This also involves balancing and maintaining the shifting family dynamics and changing family relationships, information regarding the growth and development of children across the lifespan, and education regarding content that is unique to their family situation.

However, there are multiple barriers to the utilization of FLE. Ultimately, there is a lack of collaboration among services for grandparents raising children as they lack the support that could potentially come from support groups. Therefore, the grandparents need to attend programs or support groups, which will enable them to have adequate, unique, and diverse ideas on how to raise the children even under different circumstances.

Educators are important to help the grandparents have ideas on how to handle different problems facing their grandbabies. Support groups, as well as meetings, held from time to time for the grandparents, would greatly help. They should also be taught how to handle teenagers that will make it easier for them while raising the grandchildren. Therefore, educative programs would be of help and therapy from the educators.

Moreover, the functions of Family life education are to acquire knowledge about human behavior and development in a family setting, to gain insight into oneself and others. They also include building strengths in people’s families, acquiring interpersonal skills for present and future family functions, as well as, understanding marital and family processes and patterns. This education equips families for families’ roles rather than repair family dysfunctions thus help families to prevent problems, which enable them to live healthy lives.


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