Dispositions to think critically

Review Table 2: Dispositions to think critically on p. 264 in the reading from Walker, S. E. (2003). Active learning strategies to promote critical thinking. Journal of athletic training. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/b68a/a3bde182f829774c4926f8ea724cf56fd633.pdf

 Seven dispositions are listed in the table: inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, systematicity, analyticity, truth-seeking, self-confidence, and maturity. The theory suggests that in order to successfully develop critical thinking, an individual must possess and use these dispositional characteristics. If these dispositions do not operate in concert, the student may have challenges exhibiting critical thought.

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Dispositions to think critically
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 In your post, share which of the seven principles you suspect would be most problematic for students to exhibit. Why do you think this disposition gives students problems? What challenges do students face in the classroom that make the disposition less likely to manifest? Justify your post with examples or personal experiences.

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