Discussion: Reflecting Back on the Course

Module 4 – Case


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Discussion: Reflecting Back on the Course
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Assignment Overview

Objective: Secure a Supply Chain Management Position

Multimedia presentations are the norm today, as are video interviews. Finding the perfect balance between bragging and underselling is crucial when you are interviewing for a new position. Over the past three modules, you learned about leading-edge technology and trends in supply chain management. Put that to work for you.

For this Case, create a VIDEO presentation for a “job interview.”

(NOTE: the position for which you are applying can be fictitious. To make the most of this exercise, you should be qualified for the job by the end of your degree program.)

Module 4 Case Background Readings

5 Technologies Disrupting the Supply Chain (2018)

Review of the Year in Supply Chain 2019 (2020)

Walmart Has Made A Genius Move To Beat Amazon (2020) 

Case Assignment

Presentation Script

  • Create a script to accompany the presentation. It should be persuasive and targeted at those who are making a hiring decision.
  • Share insights into where you see supply chain management going and how it can become a competitive advantage.
  • Be sure to include how you would be an asset to the hiring organization in support of its SC functions. The goal is to share your knowledge of the SC field and connect your skill set to show why you would be a worthy candidate for the position for which you are interviewing.
  • It can be written in a professional conversational style, but since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the script and add a reference list in APA format.

Video Presentation

  • Video yourself presenting the 3–3½ minute interview video. Set your digital camera to video your face and upper torso. This will allow the viewer to see your hand gestures and facial expressions. Do not read your script. 

Assignment Expectations

Please submit your assignment.

SCRIPT: A Word document using the attached template (LOG501 Case4 Script) which MUST contain a video link to your presentation (should be 3–3 ½ minutes maximum). Content beyond 3½ minutes will not be considered for grading. Do not upload the video to the classroom if the file size is too large. Video Files may be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared. Set as public or unlisted, NOT PRIVATE. Unlisted means your video will not come up in search results. Only those who know the link can view it, even if they do not have a YouTube account/username. 

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