Discussion Question1

  1. Frank has 24 pennies, 62 nickels, 55 dimes, 16 quarters, and 19 fifty-cent pieces. How much money
    does he have?
  2. Pete is purchasing an MP3 player for $199.90. He gives the sales clerk 2 fifty-dollar bills, 4 twentydollar bills, and 4 five-dollar bills. How much should he receive in change?
  3. Carol has 7 rolls of pennies containing 50 coins each, 11 rolls of nickels containing 40 coins each,
    3 rolls of dimes containing 50 coins each, and 12 rolls of quarters containing 40 coins each. How
    much money does she have?
  4. At the beginning of this month, Paul had $1004.21 in digital money. So far this month he has made
    deposits of $7.66, $83.07, and $198.01 into his account, while he has made withdrawals of $35.36,
    $4.71, and $94.98. How much digital money does Paul have now?
  5. Denominations matter in digital money. True or False?
    $22.34 dollars.
    He shall receive ten cents.
    She has $4,170 in all.
  6. When you barter, you must in order to buy something.
  7. The money multiplier effect shows that when a bank has a lower reserve rate, they are able to
    generate money.
  8. If the reserve rate is 10% and a bank receives a deposit of $320,000, how much of the $320,000 is
    the bank free to loan out?
  9. If the Federal Reserve sets the reserve rate to 20%, what is the resulting money multiplier?
  10. If the Federal Reserve sells $50,000 in Treasury bonds to a bank at 8% interest, what is the
    immediate effect on the money supply?
    A. It is decreased by $50,000.
    B. It is increased by $50,000.
    C. It is decreased by $55,500.
    D. It is increased by $55,500.
  11. If the Federal Reserve decreases the reserve rate from 7% to 5%, how does this affect the amount
    of money that would result because of fractional-reserve banking from an initial deposit into a bank
    of $30,000?
  12. From 1980 to 2000, the consumer price index (CPI) increased from 122.5 to 181. If a pound of
    tomatoes cost $0.75 in 1980 and the price of tomatoes increased at the same rate as the CPI from
    1980 to 2000, approximately how much did a pound of tomatoes cost in 2000?
  13. The following table shows the consumer price index (CPI) for a fictional country from 1992 to
    During which of these time periods was there a period of deflation?
    A. 1992 to 1994
    B. 1994 to 1996
    C. 1996 to 1998
    D. 1998 to 2000
  14. During a certain 25-year period, the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 99%, but during the
    next 25-year period, it increased by only 1%. Which of these conditions must have existed during the
    second 25-year period?
    A. Conflation
    B. Deflation
    C. Inflation
    D. Stagnation
  15. True or False? In a recession or a depression, inflation will likely decrease.
    A. True
    B. False
  16. What do you have to multiply a million by to get a billion?
  17. Mike wants to buy a book that costs $8.00 but has only $4.00 in his budget. What is his budget
  18. If a country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is currently 15% and its debt is expected to grow from 2 trillion
    dollars to 3 trillion dollars in the next 5 years, what will the country’s GDP have to be in 5 years to
    maintain the current debt-to-GDP ratio? $450,000,000,000
    A thousand. (1,000,000* 1,000= 1,000,000,000)
    Inareccession or depression inflation
    will likely decrease/
  19. Kenji has 2500 Japanese yen. If 1 U.S. dollar equals 90.39 Japanese yen, about how many dollars
    can Kenji buy for his yen?
  20. If someone tells you that the U.S. public debt is 1.258 x 1013 dollars, how much money is that?
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