Discussion 1- Developing Autonomy & Discussion 2- Encouraging Support

Discussion 1Erikson’s second psychosocial stage, autonomy versus shame and doubt, describes the child’s need for autonomy at a time when many developmental milestones are occurring. Early childhood caregivers and parents can work together to support children’s development by guiding children with autonomy and developing socially and culturally appropriate behaviors. For this discussion, choose one of challenges to overcome in helping children develop autonomy:Doubt/fearMistrust/insecurityTantrumsControl/power struggleUnregulated emotionsSeparation anxietyStranger anxietyCompose a sample letter to parents that include the following:Characteristics of the behavior(s)A strategy to deal with this particular challengeSocially appropriate responses and actions to help the child develop autonomyA recommendation for one resource to help parents learn moreYour response should include at least one outside resource to share with parents, with reference formatted in APA style.Discussion 2Encouraging SupportChapter 4 describes children in Erikson’s initiative versus guilt stage as interested in learning about the world, mastering new skills, and making new friends (Wardle, 2013, p. 80). Reflecting on this, describe in-depth how you can encourage support of these stages in your future role in the early childcare classroom, outdoor environment, and home environment. For this discussion, your post can be a written narrative addressing the required components, or you can use the template below to organize your ideas. Suggestions for Support Learning About the World Mastering New Skills Making New Friends In the classroom In the outdoor environment In the home


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