Discipline: Psychology and Education : Organizational Behavior

Critical thinking

with more limited in-person interaction (if any at all). The purpose of your application paper is to usecourse content (concepts, theories, models) to analyze a selection primary sources that deal withworkplace experiences during the pandemic.Main question: How has the pandemic affected job satisfaction andperceptions of fairness?Your application paper will include arguments about the above question based onyour set of primary sources. As appropriate, you are expected to include course contentabout communication, trust, stress and organizational commitment to enhance youranalysis. The focus here is on Modules 5-7, however, you may add relevant analysisfrom previous modules if that adds value to support your arguments.In you answer, apply relevant concepts from our course materials using specificexamples from your primary sources to illustrate the concepts. Ensure to articulate yourarguments clearly and provide support for your claims, using and applying relevantconcepts.Selecting primary sources as examples for your application:• For your application paper, search for 3-5 primary source items discussing workplace issuesduring the pandemic.• For the purpose of this assignment, primary sources are first-hand accounts of workplaceexperiences, such as a person’s talking about their own work-related experiences or attitudes.These may appear as blog posts, social media posts, newspaper articles, etc., in the form ofwritten text, image or video.o A source with third-person description can be used as long as it is reporting of theexperience (bit analyzing the experience).o Raw survey data (as reported in a media article, for example), can be used, as long as thesource does not analyze the experiences.• Your sources should be in English, however may be from any part of the world (you are notlimited to Canadian content, as long as the source language is English).• Important note: Scholarly articles or opinion articles that are presenting a thesis or positionas an answer to the question should not be used in any way (If you come across those inyour searches, do not read them until you are done with the paper. The application paper isexpected to be original work of yours, not informed by someone else’s work).How do I reference my primary sources? Ensure to cite your primary sources in-text or as footnotes(http://tiny.cc/t4djmz) throughout your answer. Include a Reference List at the end of the answer withlinks (URLs) and listing of the external sources. Use APA format for in-text citations and the reference

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Discipline: Psychology and Education : Organizational Behavior
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list (click http://tiny.cc/37djmz for a simple APA style guide). You may find this page useful as well forlearning about APA format: https://researchguides.library.yorku.ca/c.php?g=679634&p=4790863How many external sources should I use? A good number is about 3-5 sources that show the use of awide range of relevant examples for your analysis. In addition to those sources, you can also add use ofrelevant personal experience as an additional source.

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