Digital Forensics Project

Need help with my writing homework on Digital Forensics Project. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Digital forensics finds applicability in many areas especially in the courts for refuting or supporting hypotheses during legal proceedings. Digital forensics finds application in the internal audit of the corporation in investigating whether the crime has been committed (Sammons, 2012). Other applications entail investigating whether there was a breach of the network within an organization. In the technical aspects of the investigation, digital forensics has several sub-branches that relate to the digital devices that have been in use. They include the network forensics, mobile data computer, and forensics data analysis (Oriyano & Gregg, 2011).

Apart from the provision of direct evidence relating to digital crimes, digital forensics has vast applications in authenticating documents, confirmation of alibis, identification, and determining the intent of the breach in the information. To sum it, all digital forensics entails the preservation, extraction, and analysis of the evidence relating to digital content for appropriate legal actions. The field concerns with apprehending criminals who use digital technology in committing crimes. Some of the crimes committed through digital technology include hacking of emails to retrieve important information, retrieving information from the government agencies and institutions in an illegal manner for personalized use or terrorism (Oriyano & Gregg, 2011). Gone are the days when criminals used excessive force to get what they want. They have shifted to the use of technology in wiring money to their accounts especially from banking institutions without the use of force. Digital forensics is of relevance to these cases and helps in averting such crimes (Marcella & Guillossou, 2012).

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Digital Forensics Project
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In this project, Digital Forensic Evidence Files will be investigated using the Forensic Toolkit that is available within the Lab. The evidence files have been collected from the suspect’s computer. The files for investigation are true images retrieved from the hard drive of the computer (Marcella & Guillossou, 2012). Three files are available for investigation namely, Thumb drive. E01, Mantooth.E0, and Washer.E01.

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