Deviant Consumption and Social Control

Writing Reflection #3Due: 3/26Deviant Consumption and Social ControlWatch The House I Live In and respond to the questions belowI recommend the entire film, which is very good, but you’re only required to watch the time frames listedbelow which total to about 60 min.Required times to watch:Min 6 – 8:45Min 22 – 27Min 37 – 43:30Min 54 – 1:39:00Link: Provide specific examples from the film that you can relate to how the “war on drugs” is beingpresented from a Conflict Perspective of Deviance and Social Control.2. From what the film presents, how has our approach to punishing drug users (both historicallyand currently) been comparable to a step by step process to push away or even eliminate“undesirable” groups of people? (for help responding to this listen for historian Richard Miller’sexplanation of the “links of destruction” closer to the end of the film)Optional Extra Credit Response:3. Explain 2 SPECIFIC AGENTS of SOCIALIZATION that have influenced the way you perceive drugusers and how our society should address them . What is the essential argument this film is advocatingand how does it reinforce or challenge the way you’ve been socialized to think about the way our societyshould address drug use?***Disclaimer***:The House I Live In is an advocacy documentary with a specific agenda. While it provides important information, it is also bias in itsnarrative. While there are many logical reasons to agree with its narrative, the primary purpose of having you watch it for this class isto connect some of its larger ideas to sociological concepts we discuss.

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Deviant Consumption and Social Control
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