deviance and social controls

I need some assistance with these assignment. deviance and social controls Thank you in advance for the help! The goal of sociologists is to identify the common characteristics of deviance. This approach is not concerned with the classification of deviant behavior. This research paper will seek to analyze and assess the phenomenon of social deviance.

Deviance is considered to be aberrant behaviors that are contrary to established cultural norms and values. However defining the term is more complex given the sheer assortment of actions that are categorized as aberrant by society. The goal of sociology is to identify the common characteristics of various forms of deviance. The normative definition argues that any behavioral pattern that infringes upon the established rules of society is tantamount to deviance (Ben Yahuda, 1990).

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deviance and social controls
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This definition is perhaps the oldest one regarding the phenomenon of deviance. Contemporary sociologists have attempted to formulate a relativistic definition in order to ensure computability with modern sociological theories. Thus the relativistic definition considers deviance as actions which are perceived to be aberrant according to social agents.

Deviance helps to establish social morals and standards that provide guidance to society. The function of society is to create parameters that divide behaviors on the basis of acceptability. Any action that is outside such parameters will be categorized as deviant by society. Human beings are able to make decisions based upon the classification of deviant behaviors (Downes, 2003). These decisions are implemented within the moral boundaries in order to ensure acceptability from fellow human beings. An important function of deviance is to rally and mobilize the social classes against the outcasts of society. This helps to develop a consensus among the general public that deviant acts will not be tolerated in society.

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