Developmental Psychology and Age Range

Criteria Grading Criteria Guidance E1 Describe the development of children in a selected age range and in TWO (2) Choose ONE (1) age range and TWO (2) areas of development. Describe how areas of development children usually develop in this age range. E2 Describe the development of children in a selected age range, different Choose a different age range and describe how children usually develop in from E1 and in TWO (2) areas of development this age range in the same TWO (2) chosen areas of development as in E1.
E3 Explain TWO (2) theoretical perspectives relevant to the areas of Show how TWO (2) different theoretical perspectives link to the chosen areas development of development described in E1 and E2. E4 Include THREE (3) observations as appendices Carry out THREE (3) observations of the same child in ONE (1) of the age ranges chosen for E1 or E2. If, eg the chosen area of development is physical development, the 3 observations could be on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination.
If communication and language development is chosen, the 3 observations could be on listening, speaking and reading and writing. Include these observations in an appendix to the assignment. E5 Identify and use THREE (3) different observation techniques Name and use THREE (3) different observation techniques for the observations in E4, eg Written narrative, free description, checklist etc. E6 Explain how to maintain confidentiality throughout the observation Give clear details about how to keep the identity of the child, the setting and the information gathered by the observations confidential.

E7 Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice A clear understanding of diversity and inclusive practice should be shown. Evidence should be included within the assignment to show that you recognise and value difference and plan to meet the individual needs of children and their families. E8 Include references and a bibliography At least TWO (2) references must be made in the text to relevant books, articles, magazines or websites. These are sources of information and the sources used should be listed at the end of the assignment in a bibliography.
Sources of background reading can also be included in the bibliography. For more information, see Finding the Level. Criteria Grading Criteria Guidance D1 Discuss the child’s needs in relation to the selected area of development Use the observations in E4 to identify the individual needs of the observed child in that chosen area of development. When identifying needs, consider developmental norms, the age/stage of the child, the individual circumstances, eg The observations show that Child X is not yet confident about climbing……. This may be because…….
D2 Explain how the observations can be used to support planning to meet the Using the observations in E4, give examples of ways the observations provide child’s needs information and evidence to support planning. This may include: evaluation of evidence, making individual, short term and long term plans, identifying a child’s preferences, partnership with parents, and practical ideas for activities to promote development, eg a visit to the park would provide lots of space for Child X to run, climb and use the equipment which would help her to develop gross motor skills and confidence…….
C1 Analyse the issues which are essential to confidentiality and objective A development of E6. A detailed consideration of confidentiality and objective observation observation. This may include such issues as: sharing information, safe storage of information, working with parents, legal requirements, policies and procedures, personal attitudes and values……. B1 Reflect on the implications for practice of the assessment of children Think about how assessment of children through observation may require the through observation practitioner to consider their practice.
Your response may include: issues of reliability and validity, appropriate observation techniques, implications for planning, legal requirements and working with parents and other professionals……. A Evaluate the influence of theoretical perspectives on aspects of practice Make a detailed consideration from more than one perspective of some of the which affect the development of children principal theories in relation to child development and show clear understanding of how these have informed and influenced current practice which affects the development of children.

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Developmental Psychology and Age Range
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