develop a written implementation plan

Capstone Change Project Outcomes

After working with my preceptor, I assessed organizational policies in order to establish measurable outcomes for my capstone project intervention for pressure ulcer prevention. According to the facility’s current policy, a change needs to go through several hoops. After my research and discussion with the preceptor I proposed an intervention of assessing the readiness for change at the facility of my capstone project before training nurses to advocate. The proposed intervention entails to determine the need of a change and to evaluate if the organizational members understand the need of a change. The proposal also included to determine the support from leadership and the required resources for the change. Following is the list of outcomes for my proposed intervention.

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develop a written implementation plan
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  1. Using the assessment findings, the facility successfully developed a guidance workplan to improve competencies
  2. The readiness findings enabled the organization for long-term outcomes improvements success.
  3. Based on the recommendation’s facility required a better understanding of its readiness to drive and sustain outcomes improvements.

Rationale for the Outcomes

  1. Because pressure ulcer care is complex, efforts to improve pressure ulcer prevention require a system approach that will involve organizational change. Bringing about organizational change of any type is difficult. It is even more difficult when it involves multiple, simultaneous modifications to workflow, communication, and decision making as are needed in a pressure ulcer prevention initiative.
  2. The reason for this outcome is to resolve around intervening on behalf of patients, provide efficient and compassionate medical care. The care delivery models reduce disparities of care among different populations, the poor, and the elderly continue to face inequities in healthcare.
  3. The reason for this outcome is that facility found through an onsite assessment that influenced their Outcomes Improvement Readiness Assessment (OIRA) framework and maintained leadership support and required resources.


Agency for healthcare research and quality (AHRQ) (n. d.) Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals retrieved from safety/settings/hospital/resource/pressureulcer/tool/pu1.html#13

Health Catalyst (2017) Readiness Assessment Crucial First Step in Building an Outcomes Improvement Focused Organization retrieved from readiness/

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