Develop a final project evaluation report and finalise record keeping

Carefully read the following:+HThe project is now complete, with the outcomes as follows:-The web site is now live. There has been very positive feedback amongst all staff about the look and content of the web site. The web site designers were very professional and easy to deal with. +It is four months since the project commenced. Delays occurred because of the following:+The web site developer could not complete the web site within the required timelines as originally stated in their quote.+.There were additional delays due to the customer service officer’s departure and changes to the.web site during the development as a result of the project manager’s input.~The design of the logo took longer – see below. +The estimated cost for the logo was doubled because the first designer employed was unable to develop a logo to the company’s liking and so a new logo designer was contracted. This therefore doubled the costs as the first designer, as well as the second designer needed to be paid.Training will be required in web site maintenance to ensure information is regularly updated e.g. the newsletter. Training should ideally be provided to the administration staff.

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Develop a final project evaluation report and finalise record keeping
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