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The purpose of this document is to help individuals and departments to develop and file company documentation that is consistent with the King Edward VII College corporate style.

This document explains the style to be applied to company documentation together with information on typography, and advice for writing and producing documents, as well as filing documents.

It is recognised that there will be documentation which is outside these guidelines, but the general format should be followed wherever possible.

Writing Style

Composition should be concise, friendly, and professional in keeping with the mission statement of King Edward VII College. Documents should be visually appealing and use unambiguous language.

Standard Operating Environment

King Edward VII College’s standard operating environment (SOE) is Microsoft Windows.

Documentation should be produced using Microsoft Word 2011 or higher. This will ensure portability of files and consistency of operation.

Company logo

The King Edward VII College logo included at the top of this page must appear on all documentation.

As a registered trademark, and symbolic of King Edward VII College, neither the company name nor logo may be varied in any aspect (for example: ratio, typeface or colour).


Hyperlinks may be either:

Internet hyperlinks which take the reader to a web site if a modem is in use. Internet hyperlinks must begin with https://

Word hyperlinks appear as normal text in a printed document, but in an electronic document are distinguished by the mouse cursor turning into the “pointing hand” shape.


There is not one standard template for documents at King Edward VII College, and writers may use their own formats for documents as long as the following style guide is followed.

Note that all letters sent to external parties must be signed by a senior manager.

Page Layout

Only A4 paper is to be used for documents. The page margins must be as follows:

  • All margins (left, right, top and bottom) – 2.54 com
  • Header or footer 1.27cm from margin line.

Headers and footers


Headers are used for all documents of more than one page. They contain the company logo.


Footers are used for all documents (except for letters and emails) and must contain the filename and the page number.



The standard font for all King Edward VII College documents is Arial 12pt. Headings should be bolded with Heading 1 in 14pt and Heading 2 in 12 pt.

Automatic heading styles should be created and used to ensure consistency in heading.

See variations in guidelines for newsletter.


Printing must be double-sided where possible.


All documents must be filed in the appropriate folder on King Edward VII College’s computer system.

Files must be named according to the file type e.g. Invoice 123. The version and the date must also be included.

Current folders are:




Purchase orders



Special offers

Customer correspondence


Staff files

Human resources policies and procedures

Newsletters (file by month)

General Policies and procedures

Record keeping policies and procedure

Complaints handling policy and procedure

Supporting forms and templates

If there is no relevant folder, staff should create a new folder.


King Edward VII College complies with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

When providing services, King Edward VII College will usually collect personal information including the client’s name, address and contact details and information specific to the service being delivered.

King Edward VII College will treat all client personal information confidentially and will not disclose any details to another person or organisation.

Access to information is restricted to the relevant authorised staff.

Information deemed inaccurate, irrelevant or out of date is destroyed.

Newsletter Style Guide

The following style points should be followed in designing and producing newsletters.


Select an appropriate template from Microsoft Word.

Use the fonts contained in the newsletter template.

Include the company logo.

Keep it short.

No more than 3 pages per newsletter publication.

Keep it bright and clear.

Break up blocks of text with photos, graphics or cartoons.

Break up your pages with white space.

Print in columns.

Use sub-headings.

Put text in boxes, or shaded paragraphs.


Copyright must be taken into account. If a report or article is to be included, make sure you acknowledge the author and/or source of the publication.

Email Style Guidelines

All emails should be written as follows:

Write a clear subject line.

Use greeting and closing as you would in a letter. For clients, use their first name or Mr or Mrs if preferred. End the email with Yours Sincerely.

For staff, use first names and use Kind Regards in closing. Where the email is to all staff use “Dear All”.

Make the email easy to read. Use short paragraphs and insert blank lines between each paragraphs. Use bullet points if applicable.

Keep the email brief.

Proof read the email. Run the spell check and check the document yourself too for spelling and grammar.

Presentation Style Guidelines


  • Match the number of content slides to the length of the presentation. For example, if the presentation is to run for 10 minutes, 8 to 10 slides would be appropriate. For 15 minutes, 12 to 15 slides; 20 minutes, 15 to 18 slides.


  • Use a title slide with the name of the presentation. 
  • The next section shows the body or content of the presentation.


  • Use variety in slides. a combination of bullets, images, graphs, tables and charts should be used.
  • Use logos, clip art, photos, web links, etc. to enhance the style of your presentation, but not to the extent that it overshadows the content.
  • Keep slide animation to a minimum. A little animation to reveal and emphasize key points is fine, but too much animation is distracting.

Colour Scheme

  • Use a light background and a dark font colour for high contrast and visual impact.


You don’t have to say everything on your slides

Use one font on all slides for consistency. 

Select a crisp, familiar font such as Times New Roman.

Keep the font on your slides size 20 or greater. Any smaller and it is difficult to read the text when projected in the classroom. 

Begin all sentences and bullets with a capital letter.

Check your slides for typos

Use a descriptive title for each slide.

Indicate the source of the information and/or data in the slide if applicable.

Handout masters

  • Generally, handout masters should be created using three slides per page.
  • Add a header and footer when using handout masters if required.


  • Printing must be double-sided where possible.


  • Presentations must be filed in the presentations folder and titled according to the content. The version and date should also be included in the file’s title.

Spreadsheet Style Guidelines

General presentation requirements are as follows:

  • Company name and ABN included in every spreadsheet
  • Standard font is: Arial 10 pt.
  • If a worksheet is to be printed out, ensure that all of the information is presented comfortably on the page. Use as few pages as possible without the data becoming too small to read.

Worksheet format

  • Colours should be used to distinguish headings from data.
  • If charts are included, use the colour scheme suggested by Excel.
  • If a chart is to contrast actual from projected values, colours should be used to help differentiate between the two periods.

File name conventions:



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