Description of the Conditions that Are Prerequisites to the Construction of the Cafeteria in Berlin.

I will pay for the following article Description of the Conditions that Are Prerequisites to the Construction of the Cafeteria in Berlin. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Considering that a cafeteria will be a public meeting place, space appears to be a critically vital aspect in this assessment. It thus calls for an establishment of whether the building can be on multiple floors.

Having considered the issue of space and from the conceptual design of the cafeteria site, it is essential to consider building the construction into more than one story. The conditions that will determine this possibility is the strength of the ground. The strength can be determined by conduction a detailed study of the chemical composition of soil in the construction site. The type of rocks forming the soil is also an inherent indicator of the capacity of the soil to hold more floors. Thirdly, the geographical orientation of the cafeteria location will enable the building engineers to make critical decisions on the suitability of the construction in that particular site (Cousins, 2002). For example, it will be important to know whether the place has experienced the effects of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and faulting. The issue of government policies also emerges as an important factor. For example, the policy of “No barriers” has been a critical challenge in the process of planning and construction. This is a challenge that has never been given serious consideration in the past. The building and construction process should also consider the necessary changes in contemporary German society, including the changes in demographic composition and future government decisions. This is the more reason for the establishment of the non-barrier as the principal factor controlling the specifications of public rooms and common meeting places.

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Description of the Conditions that Are Prerequisites to the Construction of the Cafeteria in Berlin.
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The cafeteria has to consider the personal and special needs of certain categories of the society members such as people with disabilities. This will enable the constructors to determine special features of the construction such as staircases. The barrier-free policy effectively articulates the needs of people walking with disabilities.

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