Description of Project

Your project with contain two parts:

Part 1: Visit the websites of two banks. In an essay, compare the offerings of the two banks from the perspective of a commercial customer, and choose the bank you will use for your business. Justify your selection based on interest rates, minimum balances, loan options, auxiliary services offered, and other factors you believe to be important. Make sure to fully explain your reasoning and cite sources to support your position.

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Description of Project
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Part 2:           

All written work submitted must contain proper bibliographic references for any books, periodical or Internet resources used. This is most especially true for references from the Internet!  The precise URL must be shown in the bibliography. 

Wikipedia is NOT an allowable source for this course under ANY circumstances.

Any papers that you turn in to me should be of the following format:

•           One-inch margins on all sides

•           12-point font in a legible style

Rubric for BU130 Project

4—Clearly a knowledgeable, practiced, skilled pattern

3—Evidence of a developing pattern

2—Superficial, random, limited consistencies

1—Unacceptable skill application

Use of Sources

Skill application demonstrates use which represents à





Business Methodology research material appropriately documented

Evidence of sorting and selecting appropriate material

Sources on Works Cited/Bibliography or References accurately match sources cited within the text



Skill application demonstrates use which represents à





Introduction engaging and clearly defines paper

Topic 1 present

Text organization flows sensibly and smoothly for Topic 1

Topic 2 analysis is present

Key ratios mentioned

Conclusion thoughtful, engaging, and clear



Skill application demonstrates use which represents à





12 point Times font and appropriate margins


Correct paragraphing

Written in formal style


Total Score: ________/52   Total Percentage: _________%


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